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The World's Best Beard Oil - WINNERS Elite Beard Oil



Does your beard grow in patchy?  When you start to grow a beard, does it itch like crazy?  When it does decide to grow, does your beard get unruly and out of hand?  Does it take forever to tame your beard to start your day?  Are you currently using a beard oil that's just not up to snuff? 


Well, if these are your issues, then you came to the right spot!  Read on to learn how to answer these questions and more importantly how to implement the solutions with the 4 absolute "must have" features your beard oil should possess. 


Learn How to: 
✅  Grow a Thicker, Fuller Beard 
✅  Cure Beard Itch and Eliminate Irritation
✅  Tame Your Beard FAST
✅  Cleanse and Disinfect your Beard





If you are not using a beard oil with caffeine, you are simply missing out!  Caffeine when applied topically gives you fuller stronger facial hair! 

Caffeine has been used in shampoos and conditioners for years to thicken and strengthen hair.  Caffeine provides the trifecta of benefits: Stimulates growth, Thickens Facial Hair, Strengthens Facial Hair.

The International Journal of Dermatology indicated that topical treatment with caffeine resulted in the increase in average growth of hair follicles by around 46%.  This is not theory.  It is backed by science.  Read this article for proof!


Got Beard Oil


Enter WINNERS Beard Oil.  WINNERS is the first ultra premium beard oil that contains caffeine.  Since beard oil will stay in your beard all day it will allow the caffeine to absorb into the facial hair.  Over time this will make your beard grow thicker and stronger. 


We are not saying you will magically grow hair where there was previously none, but the facial hair you do have will become thicker and fuller as a result of the caffeine.  Also, use a caffeinated shampoo.  Just know it will be less effective because you will wash it out after 5 minutes. 


All natural Jojoba Oil will replenish your skin. Jojoba oil is taken from the jojoba plant and is the closest oil on the planet to your skin's natural oil, called Sebum.  

When you grow a beard your facial hair pushes through the skin's surface and strips your skin of its sebum. When the sebum dries up your skin gets itchy and irritated.  Many times it will even cause chafing and flakes.

The jojoba oil in WINNERS will replace your skin's natural sebum which will moisturize your skin and completely cure your itchy beard! Sure grape seed oil is great but if you want to get rid of beard itch once and for all, do not settle for a beard oil that does not contain jojoba oil. Your neck will thank you!


No more itchy beard




Get a better beard fast with Winners Beard Oil

Beard & Hair in 2 Minutes

Due to the softening and moisturizing properties of WINNERS Beard Oil, your beard will be much easier to manage.  If your beard is dry and brittle it will get out of control go in every direction with a mind of its own.  If your beard is nourished and cleansed with high quality oils your beard will lay down and start following directions.  WINNERS will help you tame your beard so you can get out of the shower and out the door FAST! 



In order to keep your beard clean you do not need to wash it every day!  What you really need is a beard oil that contains sweet almond oil.  The sweet almond oil in WINNERS acts as a natural disinfectant and serves as a cleanser between washes.  The old myth that beards are dirty will be proven false due to this amazing natural oil.  Bonus feature: the disinfectant properties help prevent in-grown hairs too!  Boom!  If you are using a beard oil that contains sweet almond oil, it is not imperative to wash your beard every day.  In fact, to preserve skin and facial hair health, it's best if you don't!





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A fragrance you are going to wear on your face all day should be subtle.  No one wants to smell like a pine tree just walked into the office!  Don't even get us started on patchouli and tea tree!  If those are your scents, great!  Just make sure when you walk in the room people don't immediately head for the exits. 


WINNERS Beard Oil is comprised of vanilla and sandalwood essential oils.  It is a little sweet, yet woodsy and masculine.  Most importantly it is subtle!  You can wear it comfortably all day enjoying the perfect formulation of potency without irritating your own nostrils or giving your co-workers headaches.








When it comes to packaging, WINNERS goes over the top!  First, a black glass bottle protects the product from harmful rays of light.  This preserves the oil and keeps it fresher longer. 


Next, is the dropper top.  This eliminates the mess caused by bottles with dispensing holes in the top.  The dropper is much easier to use and keeps the beard oil where it should be, in your hands and in your beard.  Not on the counter top! 


Last, is the crush proof box with foam inlay.  This keeps your beard oil safe when traveling.  It also ensures you will get your product unharmed when it is shipped to you.  What's worse than getting a broken, leaky bottle of beard oil delivered to your door!  This will not happen with WINNERS Beard Oil. 

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This part is super simple.  We believe WINNERS beard oil will help you grow a better more comfortable beard.  We believe in our beard oil 1000%!  We also stand behind it.  If you buy our beard oil and don't love it, simply send the unused beard oil back to us and we will cut you a check for twice what you paid for it.  That's a promise! With WINNERS you literally have nothing to lose!


Winners Beard Oil Guarantee
You may be using beard oil, but are you using WINNERS?? 
Winners Elite Beard Oil with Caffeine



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Winners Beard Oil 5 Star Reviews

"WINNERS is the real deal. As a longtime owner of a longer goatee, I've tried several other oils and products to try to enhance and manage my look. This is easily the best I've used. I think the difference is the quality of ingredients- for example the high sandalwood content. The smell is great and I feel noticeably better when I'm WINNING."

- Joe P

Winners Beard Oil 5 Star Reviews

"This is the best beard oil that I've ever used. Smells excellent and makes my beard soft as a baby's rear end."

- Phil B

Winners Beard Oil 5 Star Reviews

"First time user turned loyal customer.  Aromatic.  My old lady stopped complaining about my beard after single use."

- Barry W

Winners Beard Oil 5 Star Reviews

"I found Winner’s Beard Oil online after being less than satisfied with other competing products.  You get what you pay for and there is no doubt that the quality of the oils included in this blend is unmatched."

- Michael D