WINNERS Straight Razor

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 WINNERS Straight Razor is for men who want to shave like men.  This straight razor will give you laser sharp lines when edging in your beard.  It will also give you the closest shave of your life should you make the ridiculous decision to shave your beard completely off (not recommended).  This razor comes complete with 3 disposable blades to get you started as well as a full grain leather carrying pouch.  WINNERS Straight Razor provides a much closer shave than multi-blade razors with much more cost efficient replacement blades.  It's a WIN-WIN!  (Pairs great with WINNERS Caffeinated After Shave) 



✅ Made of high quality Stainless Steel with matte black finish

✅ Lock in clasp holds disposable blades firm

✅ 3 FREE Professional grade disposable blades included 

✅ Full grain leather carrying pouch makes travel easy

✅ Money Back Guarantee



Matte Black