5 Tips to Grow a Glorious Beard

5 Tips to Grow a Glorious Beard

1) Be Patient and Let it GROW. Make no mistake, growing a glorious beard is an art. Every artist must first start with a canvas. In order to grow a great beard you have to let your facial hair grow for at least a week from your last clean shave without touching it all. I would even suggest letting it grow for two full weeks as every man's beard will grow at different rates. Patience is a virtue in the beard game!

2) Use a high quality Beard Oil. Once you have a good canvas of facial hair to work with, you must now cultivate and nourish it to allow it to become the glorious face jacket you desire. The second tip is to start using a high quality CAFFEINATED beard oil. Caffeine has been used in hair products for years to thicken and strengthen hair. Take a look at this article to learn more about why your beard need Caffeine. WINNERS Premium Caffeinated Beard Oil ,pictured below, is one of the only Beard Oils on the market containing caffeine. (Check out the end of this article to instantly receive a discount for $10 off your first bottle)

WINNERS Elite Beard Oil with CAFFEINE

I also suggest using a beard oil that contains jojoba oil as one of the main carrier oils. This will prevent itching and chafing. Jojoba mimics your skin's natural oil and will nourish, cleanse, and moisturize the skin under your beard.

You should apply beard oil at least twice a day to ensure the pores in your skin, as well as the hair itself stays clean and moisturized. I recommend applying beard oil first thing in the morning just after showering while your facial hair is still damp. Then use another light application in the evening just before going to bed. You can also apply beard oil in the middle of the day if you feel your beard is dry and/or itchy. For all you once a year beard growers that only show up at No-Shave November, know this: beard oil will change your life! Most of you get two weeks into growing a beard before you starting complaining, "I can't grow a beard. It's too itchy....." la la la. Using a quality beard oil will alleviate the itching and make your beard softer. Give yourself a month of using a good beard oil and you will definitely question yourself as to why you would ever shave again!

3) Shape your Beard with Clean Lines. Now that you have started a great beard and are feeding and conditioning it correctly, it's time to give it some shape. Shave the area above your cheek bone and under your jaw, even to the top of your larynx. It's important to make clean lines. If you have a steady hand you may perform this task on your own. If you want an extremely glorious beard you may go to a well known local barber and let him carve and shape your face mane. Nothing looks as good as the clean lines from a straight razor. Remember, if it looks good, it will feel good. Trust me. You can pick up the straight Razor shown below with 3 blades and free shipping for only $25 here.

4) The fourth tip is to use a Beard Comb or Brush regularly. You are going to want to comb or brush your beard just after rubbing in the beard oil. Combing or brushing will more evenly disperse the oil ensuring that every hair is conditioned and nourished. This will also rid your beard of broken or loose hair giving it the freedom it needs to fully grow at a rapid rate.

5) Don't Over-wash your Beard. The last tip to getting the beard you've always wanted is: Don't wash your beard every day! Three time national beard competition winner, Owen Hicks gave me this pointer. (If you want to see a glorious beard check his out! Instagram: @owen_t_hicks) Only wash your beard 3-4 times a week. Just rinse your beard with warm water on the non-wash days. If you wash your beard every day you will strip away too many of the natural oils. Now your're probably thinking that's disgusting to not wash your beard everyday. You have a good point. However, this is where the use of a high quality beard oil comes back into play. Use a beard oil that also contains Sweet Almond Oil as one of the main carrier oils. Sweet almond oil is a great cleanser and disinfectant for hair and skin.

When you are not washing your beard just think of it like your wife or girlfriend's hair. Instead of slapping dry shampoo in it, you are using beard oil to cleans and moisturize. The very last step in the process is to consistently repeat steps 2 through 5 until you posses a glorious face jacket. All that's left is to sit back, relax and prepare for the compliments to start rolling in!

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